Common questions answered

Q: Who owns the ideas that are outputted by Daydrm tools?

You, the user, own the output generated from Daydrm. Daydrm does not and will never claim ownership of ideas you generate. The user owns all the inputs and the outputs of our models.

Q: Who can see the outputs I generate?

Only you, the authenticated and authorized user, can view your generated outputs. Generated outputs are private and are not shared with anyone else.

Q: Does the Daydrm AI model "learn" from my brief and become part of the model's knowledge?

No. The model does not learn from user inputs. Text inputted is not used for any service improvements, including model training.

Q: How do I switch between the Creative and Strategy generators?

Look for the purple Strategy badge and the blue Creative badge in the top left corner of the Generator page. Tap each badge to toggle between the two generators.

Q: Can AI models actually think of ideas?

AI models simulate the act of cognition, but under the hood they're just performing sophisticated pattern matching and language prediction. Think of AI models as engines, not brains.

Q: What's the best way to use the Daydrm Generators?

Type in your inputs and hit Submit. If you don't like the output, hit the Submit button again. You'll get different results, even if you didn't change your inputs.

Revise your text in the "Brief: Insight & Emotional Benefit" input, and re-submit. Observe how your output has changed. Experiment with your Brief input until you're getting output you like.

Q: Tell me more about the "Brief: Insight & Emotional Benefit" text box.

The "Brief: Insight & Emotional Benefit" textbox is the best way to manipulate the quality of your ideas. What you type in will dramatically affect what the AI generates. I've found best results by being very specific with the message, and by using emotional language. If you only type in product-feature information, the outputs are generic and boring. Experiment with your Brief, and you'll improve your results.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, tap the "Account" button in the top right. On the "My account" screen, tap "Manage my subscription". You'll see a Stripe interface. Enter your email. On the next screen, tap "Cancel Subscription".