Brief Tips

Tips and tricks that will generate better outputs

Tip #1
Provide a brief with one single benefit. Too many different benefits will deliver generic results.

Example of a single-message brief for client Porsche about "speed": "This car is built for speed. The fastest vehicle on the road. Cannot be outraced. Split-second acceleration."

Tip #2
Full sentences are optional. Users have produced good results with comma-separated words and phrases.

Example of a comma-separated keyword list for client the Economist, which all convey the same message: "Be informed, smartest person in the room, be the know-it-all, ignorance is not bliss, understand the world."

Tip #3
Get a little weird.

A great output can be sparked by unexpected inputs, so try different approaches. Drop unusual references like "a Johnny Cash song", "a Seinfeld episode", or other variations you might like to see in an output.

Tip #4
Expect to spend 10 to 15 minutes generating a "round" of ideas. Brief-writing is iterative.

You probably won't generate the one perfect idea on the first try. Write a brief, hit Generate. Change a few words in the brief, hit Generate. Observe how your changes affect your outputs.

Have you come across strategies for better outputs? Email us and we'll add it here!