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"It saddens me to say that my first test with this was not awful."

Eran Thomson, Creative Director

"This is the advertising version of the self-checkout."

Vicky Murphy, Creative Director

"This is amazing. If this is where we're at today, where will be in 5 years? Or 5 months?"

Dan Nelken, Marketing

"This is pretty bananas and I think I'm actually going to use it. Thank you."

Keiji Ando, Creative Generalist

"Great idea, it works - real ideas in, great concepts out!"

Elaine Gale, Corporate Communications

"Ruh-roh. My cheezy Tim Hortons brief generated a pretty good starting point for a viral film in just one go."

Richard Bingham, Professor

"Tried it 10x with very good clear and simple briefs. As a jumping-off point for first thoughts or to kickstart a brainstorm, it's good."

Josh Bryer, Creative Director

"I just tried this with an existing product. Wow. It's just amazing! 🤯"

Misbah Abbas Jamali, Marketer

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Introducing the first AI creative partner.

Creative teams famously work in pairs. Chat with Ari to generate ideas and revise them in a collaborative, natural chat interface. Work with Ari exactly like working with your human creative partner.


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Daydrm beats ChatGPT on idea generation

Watch below to see how Daydrm outperforms ChatGPT for creative concepting.

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Creative ideas

Enter a brief, generate these creative formats

YouTube viral film
Experiential | Live event | In-store activation
Phone iconInteractive / digital / mobile activation
Instagram user-generated campaign
Headlines for social | ads | landing pages

Designed to be simple

Easy-to-use interface, user-tested by real strategists and creatives

Example outputs


Example: Peloton

UX interface

Example: Death Wish Coffee

UX interface

Example: Gorilla Glue

UX interface

Save ideas to custom folders

Organize folder by client, project, campaign or content-type

UX interface

View and organize your outputs

UX interface

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Sun Nov 27 2022

Creativity is an algorithmic problem. In other words, it’s an AI problem

The future of advertising is using machine learning to perform creative thinking